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Leisure Time Pools & Spas Inc is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Although Leisure Time had its start in Long Island, New York in 1960 it has been in Oklahoma City since 1971. Leisure Time has been one of the largest Doughboy Above Ground Pool dealers in the country. Main Store and warehouse: 4831 NW 39th St., Oklahoma City Ok. 73122. Call, email or write for literature please mention our Web page. 

North Store
4831 NW 39th St
Oklahoma City, Ok. 73122

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Contact Us

South Store
8501 S-I-35
Oklahoma City, Ok.73149

The best way to inquire about products or your order, is to contact us via email. The email is monitored 18 hrs a day by me, the owner. I am retired and handicapped so I have nothing else to do except talk about pools or problems. If you call the stores, even though we have several phone lines, it sometimes is impossible to get a connection. 

Phone: 405-634-8774

Fax:      North Store 

Fax:  South Store




The Founders

Bob and Barbara