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Would you let your car go through the winter without Anti Freeze?
Failure to winterize your pool will also result in expensive repairs.

Winterizing Inground Pools

Winterizing AboveGround Pools

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Winterizing Inground Pools

Read and understand this before attempting to winterize your pool. Have the required equipment, chemicals and other accessories available.

Items required for proper winterizing

  • Winter Chemicals
  • Assorted plugs to fit returns and skimmers
  • Gizmo or plastic jugs with gravel to place in skimmer.
  • Shop Vac or other powerful device capable of blowing air.

24 Hours Prior To Winterizing

  • Shock Pool by using 1 lb. of concentrated granular chlorine per 10,000 gallons.
  • Balance pH to 7.4-7.8
  • Balance total alkalinity to 80-120
  • Vacuum Pool, remove all dirt and algae. ( If you close a dirty pool you could permanently stain the finish or liner of the pool).

Day of Winterizing

  • Mix Stain Preventative in a pail of warm water. Pour into pool around edges. Keep pump running.
  • Broadcast Oxyshock in pool at the rate of 1lb. per 10,000 gallons. Keep pump running.
  • If you have a sand filter do the following in backwash position until suction is lost, this breaks up and cleans any impacted sand bed. Pump water below the skimmer face plate. DO NOT lower the water below the return water inlets. ( This procedure will vary depending on your pool plumbing and type of filter. You may have to use a submersible pump.)
  • Dilute and broadcast the Winterizer Algaecide into the pool. mix with broom or boat paddle (Mix like paddling a canoe) Remove the skimmer basket and skimmer weir door.


Start Winterizing Process (steps by number)

  1. Close Valve for main drain. (If there is no valve, then plug main drain at skimmer. There will be two holes in bottom of skimmer with the one nearest the water being the one for the main drain)
  2. Put end of blower hose into bottom hole of skimmer. Do what ever is necessary to make tight fit.
  3. Turn on blower untill all water is blown out of line to pump. NOTE- remove drain plugs from pump temporaily.
  4. Turn off blower, wait 5 minutes then Repeat Step 3.
  5. Insert pump drain plugs keep blower running, rotate multiport valve through all positions. Pause for 10 seconds at each position, then place valve in backwash position. Keep blower running.
  6. Open all drain plugs in filter system. Let blower run for 5 minutes, then place valve in recirculate position. Keep blower running.
  7. Prepare a threaded SP1022C plug for each return fitting with three turns of teflon tape. If threaded plugs are not usable, then have proper sized expandable plugs available.
  8. Remove the eyeballs from returns and install plugs loosely in all returns and automatic cleaner fittings.
  9. When return closest to the pump is bubbling vigorously, screw the plug into the return fitting tighten by hand and then 1 to 1 1/2 turns with pliers.
  10. Go to next return and tighten for a few seconds, then quickly remove plug allowing the surge of air to release, wait 5 seconds then plug and tighten with pliers.
  11. Plug all remaining returns or automatic cleaner lines the same way as in Step 10. Warning when last plug is installed air blower will have to be turned off immediately.
  12. To winterize main drain, Open valve to main drain, turn on air blower allow the air to bubble from main drain for 45 seconds, rapidly close valve and turn off blower. NOTE: If main drain can only be accessed at skimmer then move blower hose to second hole in skimmer until air bubbles blow from main drain for 45 seconds then rapidly remove hose and plug hole with threaded plug.
  13. To winterize heater, remove all plugs and open all drain cocks at heater, Insert air blower hose at skimmer again and turn on air blower until all water has quit running out of open holes. Remove prressure switch and shake to remove water from switch. Re-attach switch. Lube all holes in heater with O-ring lube. Turn off as valve. (NOTE: Some people leave pilot light on during winter as insurance.)
  14. Turn off the blower.
  15. Remove plugs from Pump
  16. Place Filter Valve in winterize position.
  17. Pour 1 gallon of pool antifreeze into skimmer line
  18. Put teflon tape on threads of a gizzmo and screw it into skimmer.
  19. Refill pool to the levels indicated depending on type of pool.
    - Concrete with tile line- Refill to below the tile line
    - Vinyl- refill to normal swimming level.
  20. Remove and store all deck equipment.
  21. Remove and drain automatic chlorinators, automatic pool cleaner pumps, store in dry area.
  22. Drain and store all cleaning equipment.
  23. Drain all slide lines
  24. Turn off all electricity to pumps.

Warning: Winterizing Of Filters Will Vary Depending On Type

CAUTION: We have shown one way to winterize a sand filter. Keep in mind that wet sand will freeze and expand. That is why we had you pump the water level down in the backwash position. By doing that you are loosening and expanding the sand. The only sure way of avoiding a tank freeze up is by removing the sand.

CAUTION: Our method of blowing out and plugging lines is the accepted way. However, because of plumbing variations and possible settlement (low areas) in plumbing lines all water may not have been completely removed. This may call for addition of pool antifreeze to plumbing in areas of this country where deep freezes are possible.



Above Ground Winterizing
Tips Warnings and Instructions

Warning !!!

If your pool wall is buried more than 1 ft. in the ground you should not lower your water level for the winter. Doing so could result in the wall collapsing after a heavy rain or from freeze expansion.


To Protect your liner from any possible winter damage, it is best to leave your water at normal depth. To do this, however, requires action be taken to protect your skimmer from possible damage. We suggest one of the following:

  1. Winter Plate, provided by some manufacturers
  2. A Foam Insert installed in the skimmer.
  3. Plastic bottle installed in the skimmer.
  4. Any other device to keep ice from expanding and cracking the skimmer.
  5. Plug return fitting and bottom of skimmer.
  6. Disconnect Hoses

See Illustration Below


  • Using the correct winter chemicals to avoid damage to the pool
  • Correctly winterizing your equipment to avoid freeze damage
  • Correctly winterizing the pool to avoid damage
Phase 1
1. Clean the pool and vacuum any debris that might be in the water. Closing a dirty pool will result in serious problems next spring.
2. After the pool has been cleaned, add enough chlorine to bring the test reading to at least 1.5ppm.
3. Adjust pH to a reading of 7.2-7.8
4. Add our Winter Chemicals as indicated on the kit instructions.
5. Allow pump to circulate water for at least 1 hour.
Phase 2
1. Install any plugs as necessary.
2. Winterize skimmer as described below.
3. Disconnect all hoses from pool, filter and pump as necessary.
4. Remove drain plugs from filter tank. Open tank and remove all contents (sand, or DE )
5. Open strainer pot and remove all water from pump. Remove any drain plugs.
6. If filter system will not be stored inside, replace all lids to keep rain out.
7. Remove ladder from water. Clean and store away.
Phase 3
1. Clean and inspect exterior surfaces of the pool. Repair any scratches with rust proof paint or clear fingernail polish. Pay particular attention to the areas around the skimmer and inlets. Leaky fittings and gaskets can cause corrosion. Those of you that have decks that cover skimmers and inlets should make a special effort to inspect those unseen areas.
2. To eliminate ice damage to the liner use one of the following protection methods.
  • Vinyl pillow made especially for this purpose...or
  • Plastic bottles. Fill each bottle with enough sand or gravel so that the bottle will float about half way out of the water. tie the bottles on a cord about 4 feet apart in an X shape across the pool.
  • Large inner tubes. tie them so they will float in the center of the pool.

3. Attach cover as recommended by the manufacturer.
4. Add more Winterizer in January and March.

Winterize Above Ground Skimmer

Winterize Skimmer Without Winter Plate

  • Put plug in bottom of skimmer

  • Put plug in Return Fitting

  • Weight Jug with gravel and place in bottom of skimmer ( Alternative, use Etha foam Block) Don't use Styrofoam

  • Remove foam from weir to prevent winter damage

  • Place lid on skimmer and weight down with brick to prevent jug or foam from floating out

  • Disconnect Hose


Winterizing Kits & Accessories